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Female founder, Sansan Fibri, a former producer who had her last series acquired by Comedy Central, decided to study dream analysis 15 years ago, and found that by decoding her dreams she had a better understanding of herself.

This helped in all aspects of her life, from relationships, to work, to her mental health. Sansan discovered the power of dreams and decided she needed to share it with the world and make dream therapy accessible to everyone! Thus DreaMe was born.

She says: “From a young age, I’ve had very vivid dreams. Whatever the dream was, the sensation of it kind of stayed with me throughout the day. I realized my dreams were telling me something, revealing my deepest wishes, fears, desires, working through any life issue that seem to plague my mind at the time. Dreams were a way for me to process through some of the purest, most profound feelings about these issues.

“This treasure trove of deep self-insights seemed too important to ignore. I wanted to understand the language of dreams, so that I could ‘translate’ the messages my own subconscious, my truest self, was sending me nightly,” she says.

Sansan decided to study Jungian methods of Dream Analysis, which cemented her obsession with dreams and their meaning. Now armed with the tools to dive deep, not only into her own dreams, but those of others, she found herself approached by friends and family, even random strangers, all wanting to know what their dreams meant.

“I would laugh and say: This isn’t a ‘One Size Fits All’ situation. This is your mind creating the story of the dream and the only way to help you understand it is to uncover, together, how it fits into your perception and the context of your personal world,” says Sansan.

Knowing that in today’s world there’s an app for just about anything and everything, Sansan decided to try out some of the existing dream apps on the market. She was extremely disappointed, as she found that they were extremely generic, vague, and had a ‘one size fits all’ approach. So, she decided to create her own.

“When I heard Apple were casting for a show titled ‘Planet of the Apps’ – a ‘shark tank’-like Apple TV show for apps – I saw the opportunity to share the gift of personalized dream analysis with the whole world. I thought: What if we can truly transform the collective unconscious? What if we can help people lead a life of more self-awareness, more self-acceptance and connectedness? And so I began my journey to creating DreaMe,” she adds.

DreaMe is your very own guide through your inner life. Come and join us – we can’t wait to have you join this dream revolution to transform humanity one dream at a time with us!